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Unified Online Platform for Schools

Schools have so many things to do; communicate with students and parents on a daily basis, create courses and teach online, conduct quizzes and assessments, manage fees and its collection, generate report cards etc. How do you do all this and more on a single platform?

Flinnt is India's premier learning platform, providing an integrated platform for Schools to provide Online Learning, Communication, Fees management, Student management and other administrative support.

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Communicate & Engage

Message the whole School, a class or a student with a range of attachments.

Share important dates, circulars & day to day happenings. Schedule important notifications, share events and happenings, send fee receipts or reminders, post daily updates. View Tutorial

Online supplement for your syllabus

Share videos, notes, worksheets and a range of learning resources by creating courses for each subject. Structure the resources in a manner that enables teachers and learners to access the resources with ease and convenience. Watch tutorials

Access the resources throughout the year.

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NCERT Mapped Content

Your Teachers get access to the Open Source Library of resources that we have mapped for Mathematics, Science, English and Social Sciences for Grades I to X. Teachers can further customize these resources:

  • Videos
  • Notes
  • Worksheets

Online Quizzes

Empower your teachers with tools to create and conduct online quizzes. Quizzes can be schedule on a Chapter, Week or monthly basis.

Teachers can control the release of the quizzes and can download results for all the learners of the class as well as individual results for each learner.

Online Examination
Report Card Generation

Generate Report Cards

Subject Teachers enter marks for individual students for each exam from their mobile devices and the School Admin prints out customized report cards for each student.

Integrate attendance data, give customized remarks, generate graphs and descriptors. Create report cards that communicate the progress of each child.

Online Fees Collection

Let your parents pay fees on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis right from the convenience of your Preschool App.

The fees gets credited in your account and the parent gets a fee receipt on their app. Export the data to Tally and your accounting team gives you the thumbs Up.

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Professional Development Courses for your Early Years Educators

Give an opportunity to your teachers to gather new insights, learn new strategies and tips to become better educators. When you sign up to Flinnt your teachers get access to all the courses absolutely FREE.

Developing Thinking Skills Through Storytelling

Add thinking routines as a part of your story telling and enable your learners to develop thinking skills.

Understanding Child Development

Develop the knowledge and understanding from an expert Developmental Pediatrician to identify developmental delays in children aged 2 to 6 years.

Developing Reading Skills

Understand what Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Guided Reading means and learn techniques to develop reading skills in Early Years.

Yes! I want to get my School Online.

Fill up your details and get a fully integrated solution for your School that includes:

  • A full feature Communication Platform
  • A Learning Management System
  • Open Source NCERT mapped content.
  • Training for your educators
  • Online fees collection system, report card generation and more...